Biography: I was fortunate to start drinking wine on a tight budget in grad school – this helped me avoid a cellar full of Santa Barbara pinot and Aussie Shiraz. Now most of what I buy is “old world traditional” – mostly Loire (red/white), Burgundy (red) and Champagne. There’s also a bit of Piedmont, Germany, Austria and Rioja. I try not to buy more than I can drink, but so far results have been mixed.

Started collecting wine: 2009

Best wine collecting lesson: Don’t expect to have the same experience when revisiting a wine you’ve tried in the past. I’ve had many times where my first experience with a wine was wonderful and I rushed out to buy more, hoping to recreate the experience. Over the years I’ve learned this does not work – the experience is always different (sometimes better, sometimes worse). Learning this lesson has helped soften my expectations when I open a bottle of something that I’d had a great experience with in the past.

The best bottle of wine I’ve had was: 2010 Baudry Grezeaux / 1998 Billecart-Salmon Clos St Hilaire / 1967 Giacomo Conterno Barolo. I know, that’s three. Sorry!

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