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Are you ready to show them what love is all about? Put down the flowers and the chocolate and get them something that gets directly to the point: wine! These two packs are loaded with elixirs of love and affection. Our six-pack brings home the sparkling beauty of Ostro Pinot Nero to lighten the mood but doesn’t levee our heavy hitters like The Aspras Rouge for the decadent finisher. 

All of these packs are priced to allow for some other decadent meal additions and any steak to caviar would be welcome to join this flavor party. May not be able to promise Love, but we can assure you a good time regardless. 

Happy Valentine’s Day from the team at Cellar Browser

6 - Pack includes:

- 2019 Domaine des Aspras Côtes de Provence Rouge “Les Trois Frères”
- 2019 Mas des Bressades Cabernet/Syrah “les Vignes de Mon Père”
- 2020 Vignobles Arbeau - Braucol
- Ostro Pinot Nero Rosé Spumante
2021 Due Santi Rosato
2020 Due Santi Rosso

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