About Due Santi Wines

Due Santi Wines are some of the most elegant wines produced in Lazio. They are made with Cabernet and Merlot grapes grown on the University of Dallas' Eugene Constantin Campus, its study abroad campus located just outside of Rome, Italy.

The quality of our fruit is indicative of the fantastic soil upon which this campus rests. The Eugene Constantin Campus, affectionately dubbed "Due Santi," was built over the ruins of the ancient Roman city, Bovillae. From artifacts found in digs in our area, it is clear that viticulture has been part of life at Due Santi for millennia. Our soil is mostly petrified volcanic ash, which lends itself to a high acid structure in the fruit and gobs of tasty minerals to raise the pH and balance the finished wines. The soil makeup and climate are ideal for the production of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Over the past year, Due Santi has planted another 2 acres of vines, which will grow our annual production from 8,000 bottles to 12,000+ in the next four years.  

About Due Santi





We handpick grapes that are grown in the Due Santi vineyard each fall in what is called the vendemmia, or grape harvest. We then age our Due Santi Rosso in small oak and older large barrels. We believe balancing the wood and fruit allows the wine to marry better with foods and also fosters longevity for cellaring.

Our Rosato is fermented in stainless steel and then bottled after natural refinement.

Due Santi's Wine Making Process

The majority of University of Dallas students study on the Eugene Constantin Campus for a semester, and the students who study in the fall participate in the annual vendemmia, the grape harvest. Because of Due Santi's deep-rooted connection to the University of Dallas, we return a portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold to the University of Dallas and the Rome Program.

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