CellarBrowser is an online retailer of delicious wines from around the world. We offer a continuously evolving catalog from our own represented producers as well as cellars of the world's leading importers. 

Our unique mission in the wine industry is to contribute to an equal opportunity future through successful education, health, and safety initiatives for underserved communities across the globe. For every six or more bottles purchased, customers can select one of our featured causes to receive a generous portion of the sale. It's that easy and transparent.

How did we arrive here? 

Wine is one of the highest-grossing consumable assets in our economy. Over sixty-five billion dollars was spent on wine in the United States in 2020 alone. Imagine if even a fraction of that could be injected back into our communities who need it most. 

Drinking wine is a privilege. It brings us great joy but is often short-lived. CellarBrowser saw a unique opportunity to create permanence in your wine enjoyment by extending your purchase reach beyond your table to real causes and global improvement.

Our co-founder, Michael Housewright, has over twenty-five years of experience in the wine industry and has formed relationships with the most noted importers and producers worldwide. After earnest calls with these trusted colleagues and many revealing conversations, it was clear that CellarBrowser could not only provide outstanding wine but could also return a portion of that drinking experience to benefit those in need.

"We needed to choose great products and partner with vetted aid organizations and put the two together with an easy-to-use interface where consumers can immediately understand the value of making these purchases," said Michael in a recent interview with a noted wine writer. 

We believe we have done just that.

Welcome to CellarBrowser. Buy Wine, do Good.