2022 Azienda Agricola Giavi Prosecco Superiore DOCG “Rive di Ogliano”

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The Giavi Brut is a delicious Prosecco, but the Rive di Ogliano Brut Nature is a cut above. It's a polished, pedigreed bottle of bubbles and its low price is ridiculous.

Like nearly all Prosecco, it's made using the Charmat method, which is essentially when the juice undergoes its second fermentation in a steel tank giving the wine its bubbles. Valdobbiadene and Conegliano are the names of the two main towns on either side of their esteemed namesake DOCG. Proseccos that are from this DOCG are already much higher up the quality ladder than the entry-level Prosecco DOC. 

Within the Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, there are several "Rive," which refer to vineyards planted on slopes of steep hills that require hand harvesting only due to their rugged terrain. Wines from these rives represent another giant step up the quality spectrum. Giavi’s comes from the very highly regarded Monticello Hill. The wine is Brut Nature, meaning no sugar is added during fermentation, making the palate crisp and zippy (it comes in with a mere 2.5 g/l of residual sugar). Its aromas are fresh and fruity: snappy green apple, pears, and stone fruit, with a hint of citrus blossoms. On the palate, it's elegant and creamy, just the right amount of lift to keep the lively fruit firing as we taste it. The finish is clean and zesty, with perfect balance. There are Champagnes out there that aren't this good! The best prosecco we have ever tasted at Cellar Browser.